You begin your descent to the harbor, looking out over the sparkling Endless Ocean laid out in front of Al Shabah. Below you can see the forest of masts of ships from all over the continent. You pass several groups of sailors fresh off of ships, you tighten your head scarf once again before reaching the quay. You observe the ships, there is a Socorran Slave Dhow anchored alongside a Toscan Caravel, presumably a trading vessel. Further down you can see an Iberion Galleon. The Socorran captain, a hulking man with a black mustache sees you and approaches. "Greetings." He says in a Socorran accent, you nod respectfully. "I am Mehdi Al-Ghazaleh, though people call me The Gazelle because I travel so quickly." You nod once again. "I can take you anywhere." The man chuckled.

Agree to the Mehdi's offer.

Turn down Mehdi's offer.