Orderly lines of fur-clad soldiers march through the snowy landscape, their icy-blue banners waving in the frosty air. You bring up the back of the column, trampling the muddy earth with your sturdy leather boots. In the distance you can make out the grand, stone walls of Castle Bronislav, set in the remote Aslavan wilderness, Castle Bronislav serves as an outpost on Aslava's north-eastern borders. The column of soldiers move out from under the shady branches of Aslava's winter pines and out into the open, revealing the grandeur of the surrounding scenery. You clutch your shield tight to your chest as the dramatic landscape continues to unfold, showing brilliant snowy peaks and towering pines. As you approach the castle, you can make out the same light blue banners that your battalion possesses on the towers of the fortress. Finally the column reaches the castle's gate, you peer up at Bronislav's towering battlements and familiarize yourself with the structure you were sent to protect.

Stay with the Column.

Ask a senior officer why your battalion is stationed at Bronislav.