The sound of boots on the gangplank wakes you, you are sleeping at the stern of The Gazelle, Mehdi's ship. It seems that Mehdi really likes Gazelles or just isn't very creative. You look up from the sack of Cumin Seeds from Mararoc. Six men board the ship including Mehdi. You stagger to your feet, dizzy from the sudden movement. Mehdi smiles, he gestured to his crew, "Let me introduce you, this is Abdullah, Kareem, Tariq, Khali, and Hassan." You smile and nod politely, the men looked more like criminals than sailors, they all have turbans beside Khali, who is a head taller than the rest of the crew and has noticeably darker skin. "Let's get going." Barks Mehdi and the crew jumps to life, hauling anchors, unfurling sails and preparing ropes. The sail is finally let loose by the nimble-footed Tariq, the smallest of the crew. Khali hoists the anchor, the sun gleaming off of his bare back. Mehdi takes the steer-board and The Gazelle is out to sea. You watch as Al Shabah slowly becomes smaller. The dhow rides the waves gracefully and you look back to see Mehdi smiling in the wind.


Jump off the boat.