Silence. Not a sound can be heard aboard the Wolfheart, apart from the occasional grunt of an oarsman and the soft 'thump' of the billowing sail. Vision aboard the Wolfheart is almost nonexistent with a thick layer of fog settled on the eerily calm water, allowing you to see only feet in front of the vessel. You grip the steering board harder with unease as you scan the thick vale of fog your ship is enveloped in. Your crew slowly dip their oars into the dark blue sea, causing a quiet splash every so often. Hallasholm's harbor is not far, you estimate from the amount of time that has passed since you left Skorghijl. Easing your hands off of the steering board momentarily, you rub them in the biting cold. It had been a hard winter, and the Spring's thaw was yet to come. You peer once more into the fog, a dim light cuts through the haze, you squint your eyes, yes! The light is real, you have reached Hallasholm! You call out to your crew, "Hallasholm harbor, straight ahead boys!"

Dock in Hallasholm

Sail back to Skorghijl

Sail to Sonderland